Book Lover’s Day

Happy Book Lover’s Day!!! Who knew August 9th, was Book Lover’s Day? I sure didn’t. But, I have been thinking it’s been a while since I picked up a good book.  What a great way to relax in the evening after a long day then to pick up a good book. Whether it’s fiction, educational, current hot topics or comedy. I love great book recommendations.  In the past I have always gone to to look for book recommendations.  Has anyone recently read a book that they just could not put down? How Sweet the Sound by Amy Sorrells was the last book I just fell in love with and read nonstop until I finished.  There is something gratifying and sad when you finish a good book!

Here’s my top 10 reason’s why you should pick up a book and read!

10. Set’s a good example for children

9. Increases your creativity

8. Stress relief

7. Learn about new places and things

6. Get lost in the book… forget about your troubles

5. An excuse to drink a glass of wine

4. Improve your memory

3. Tranquility

2. Boosts vocabulary

1. It’s free entertainment


Reading gives you POWER.  Reading your insurance policy may seem like a daunting task, confusing phrases, descriptions and terminology.  But understanding what your policy does or does NOT cover is very important.  I encourage all my clients to come in for a yearly insurance review.  It’s a short meeting to discuss any changes in your life. Sometimes we forget that a child moved out of the house, or we put a pool in or purchased a vacation home.  All of these examples change coverages that could be very important to making sure you are covered properly.

Call Michelle today to schedule a review of your current policy. This is a service offered free of charge and the purpose is to educate clients about insurance products.


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